Thursday, April 25, 2013

Antennas for Systems and Devices Markets Focus on the Asia-Pacific Region

Antennas are integral components of radios. Their operating principle is very simple: conversion between electrical energy and radiation. The simplicity of this principle has relegated antennas to the periphery of the active and innovative telecommunications research domain. For close to a century after antennas were invented, antenna technology was in the slow lane of evolution while other components such as basebands, modems, codecs and processors among others witnessed frantic development that led to superior performance. It is the advent of mobile devices that heralded the change in outlook of the industry towards antennas. Mobile devices have forced the industry to concentrate on form factor and power management apart from performance. These considerations amplified the research thrust on antennas as they had to conform to the limitations regarding form factor and power management. Wireless sensors are a progression of this approach wherein power management and form factor attain greater criticality.Mobility also ushered in a boom in Internet access. Increased appetite for rich media applications has set off a race in the development of wireless standards that support such data transfer quantities. These demands cannot be met unless antennas are geared to handle the traffic. The development of smart antennas is an answer to such increasing demands.
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